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Some images have been compressed to save space. Higher quality images can be viewed on my Tumblr under the "#my art"


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Original Characters

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Fan Art

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Traditional Art

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Stuffed Animals

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Beanie Frogs

These are a few beanie frogs I made in 2020, I made a bunch of these for friends during the pandemic.

Sea Horse, Giraffe, Elephant, Snake hybrid thing

I made this custom stuffed animal as a commission back in 2019. It was super fun to make. I even made a little baby to go in the pouch!


Another commission piece! I made 8 of these crocodile-hippopatomus hybrids for an acquaintance to give to her family at Christmas in 2019. These were incredibly challenging, and I had never taken on a project this large before. It was so much fun to make.

Two-Headed Turtle


To prevent unnecessary flash, I've put animations in drop-down menus for you to open.

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I am just getting into 2D animation for the first time so this is kind of a way for me to keep track of my progress

Beginner Tests
Oh Hi Bear!