Other Sites I Like

Web Development/Coding Resources

scrimba.com- Hands-on tutorials. They have lots of courses behind a paywall, but the free ones have been more than enough for me.

freecodecamp.org- Completely free certifications and tutorials

codepen.io- HTML/CSS/JS sandbox

Internet Guide- LOOONG list of internet resources.

Creative Tools

piskelapp.com- Pixel art maker and animator. Super easy to use (⊃‿⊂)

colorkit.co- Color Palette creator. Tons of pre-made palettes to choose from.

unsplash.com- Probably everyone already knows about this site, but its my hub for stock images whenever I need them. (shoutout to David Clode the provider of so many frog pics)

lipsum.com- Generate your own lorem ipsum

archive.org/details/audio- The audio section of archive.org.

downloads.khinsider.com- Video game soundtracks and audio files.

Website Freebies

bettysgraphics.neocities.org- So many background tiles for your site. I got mine from here

cbox.ws- Add a live chatbox to your site!

gifypet.neocities.org- Add an interactive pet to your page.

Fun Stuff

11foot8.com- A bridge in North Carolina that regularly decapitates large trucks that try to drive under it. The site seems to be falling apart but I LOVE watching the videos. Check the history page and the FAQ to learn why it "can't" be fixed.

chickensmoothie.com- Adopt and trade virtual pets!

eggcave.com- Another virtual pet adopter

sudomemo.net- DSi/3DS flipnote collections

Other Neocities Sites

wolf-and-ghostling.neocities.org- A super cute shop of handmade clay creatures! They have some cute frogsദ്ദി ˉ͈̀꒳ˉ͈́ )✧

sickspins.neocities.org- Fidget Spinner