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My Clan: Riverclan

Most Like: Greystripe

I'm getting back into Warriors so of course I needed a place to be insufferable about it

OC dumps and maybe some lore stuff to come

Read List

A list of the books I have read

  • Main Series: all up to Dawn of the Clans
  • Super Editions:
    • Bluestar's Prophecy
    • Crookedstar's Promise
    • Yellowfang's Secret
    • Squirrelflight's Hope (Currently Reading)
  • Manga:
    • Tigerstar and Sasha- Into the Woods
    • The Rise of Scourge
  • Other Erin Hunter Books
    • Survivors
    • Seekers

I stopped seriously reading the series around 2016, so my memory of some lore is mixed up and I generally have to look up secondary characters (sometimes main oops). But from what I've gathered it seems like the Hunters themselves can't even keep track of the lore, so what's it really matter?

My Original Characters


Mothfern is an 18 moons old tom cat. He is a maine coon with dark grey fur and green eyes. As of right now he is a loner because I don't really have any other OC's yet! He has a fish hook stuck in his left ear and a scar across his eye from a fight with a raccoon.


Stormtail is a 13 moons old tom cat. He is a short-nosed cat with black fur and a white muzzle. He likes to hunt in open areas because his eyesight isn't very good.

OC Lore and World Building

Fan Art